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 Natural Foot and Skin Care to promote healthy feet and skin - creams, oils, and sprays. Toenails too

Toenail Fungus and Cures

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How do I avoid Toenail Fungus?

Prevention is the best cure!

Toenail and athlete's foot fungi like to grow in warm, moist areas, which include public areas such as spas, swimming pools, locker rooms, or showers. For short periods of time the it can live in warm puddles on tile floors, awaiting someone to step in and pick up the spores. If you can wear sandals, water shoes, or swimming booties they would help in keeping your feet from touching the floor directly. Some public swimming pool areas have small wade-through pools which help to keep the toenail and athlete's foot fungi in check. After your session at the pool or other public area, wash your feet thoroughly and dry them well.

Pure 100% cotton, wool, or silk socks are the best to wear because they absorb moisture from your feet (from sweating) and provide good ventilation. When you do get your socks damp, it is a good idea to take them off and dry your feet before putting on a fresh pair of clean, dry, cotton socks.

Synthetic socks such as nylon are not advised because they don't allow the moisture to pass through away from your skin.

The best shoes to wear are those that allow plenty of air and moisture exchange. Look for air-breather holes on the sides, natural materials (plastic shoes do not allow air and moisture to pass through), and a comfortable fit. If you have a fungal condition already, sprinkle into your shoes a good anti-bacterial product such as futspa Foot Powder.

Wearing nail polish is considered to be not a good idea as the polish may encourage fungal growth. The fungus is sealed beneath the toe nails in a dark, moist, warm environment that it loves to grow in. We have heard of a report that a woman couldn't get cured until after she removed her polish.

Of course, if you know of someone with toenail fungus or any communicable disease for that matter, sharing of towels, washcloths, shoes, or other personal items should definitely be avoided.

Washing and thoroughly drying your feet really helps. Because toenail fungi likes warm, damp environments, if you keep your feet dry, the fungus will find it hard to survive. When drying your feet, use a towel vigorously to remove dead skin and improve circulation.

Fungus and bacteria alike flourish in damp environments, so try to keep your feet as dry as possible. To vigorously fight the toenail fungus, take your socks off and go without them as often as you can. Also, it is important to keep your feet and toenails very clean on a daily basis. Use a nail brush to scrub away dirt, dead fungus and nail tissue, paying particular attention to underneath the toenails. Keeping your toenails cut as short as comfortably possible will help keep the fungus in check.


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